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This website of VMW Accountants makes use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved in your computer to remember your preferences when surfing.

Cookies never save personal data like your name, address, age or other specificities. Only your preferences and interests are saved according to your surfing behaviour.

Using cookies is safe. It is very important for us to inform you about the cookies implemented on our website and their purposes. We want to guarantee both your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website.

Below you will find more information about the cookies used on or via our website, as well as about their purposes.

Which cookies are used on this website?

This website makes use of the following cookies:

  • Functional cookies
    These cookies are required to let you surf properly on our website. They enable you to surf through the website and to use its different functions. Functional cookies also improve the user-friendliness of this website by remembering your choices (for instance, your favourite language).
  • Performance cookies
    Thanks to performance cookies we can collect anonymous data about the use of this website. This anonymized data informs us of the number of visitors, the time they spend on a webpage, the errors and the way visitors arrive on our website. Therefore we use Google Analytics.

The data that we collect are compiled in statistics. These statistics give us a crucial view on the use of our website and enable us to keep its structure, your surfing and its content as user-friendly as we can. The statistics and other reports are always anonymous and cannot be traced back to individuals.

  • Advertising cookies
    Cookies of third parties like Google or Facebook enable us to register the behaviour of visitors on our website after they watched an advertisement on the network of a third party, like Google, Linkedin or Facebook. These cookies help us to follow up and adapt our advertisements.
  • Other cookies
    Due to the way Internet and websites work, we might not always be aware of some cookies used by third parties via our website. This is namely the case when our webpages include embedded elements; these are texts, documents, pictures or videos hosted by a third party but shown on or via our website.
  • If you discover cookies on this website that relate to this category and that were not named above, please let us know. You can also get in touch directly with the third party involved and ask which cookies they use, what for and how they protect your privacy.

Links to other websites

This website includes several links to other websites.
Even though these websites were carefully selected, we do not take on any responsibility related to the use of your personal data by these organizations. Have a look at their own privacy policy when surfing on their website.

How can you manage your cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies automatically.

If you don’t want websites to save cookies on your computer, adapt your browsers preferences so that you will be informed before cookies can be saved. You can also adapt preferences to refuse any cookie (or only cookies of third parties) or even erase cookies that have already been saved. Please note that these preferences have to be adapted separately for each browser and each computer.

Be aware that refusing all cookies does not enable us to keep the website in good working order. Maybe there are some functions that will not work or even some websites that you will not be able to see anymore.

Adapting your preferences requires a different approach in each browser. If necessary do not hesitate to check the help function of your browser:


We might have to adapt this Cookie policy in the future, for instance to change our website or the rulesrelated to cookies. We reserve the right to alter the content of this policy and cookies anytime and without previous notice. You can always check this webpage to get the latest version of this Cookie policy.

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